Welcome to RA ERP.
The most efficient ERP ever.

We invested our decade long experience to create a versatile, efficient and secure business application.
Follow along to discover some of its awesome features.

Access Anywhere

From any Device; No setup.

Using the web platform, Ra ERP inherits many benefits; One is the ability to connect to your application and data via the internet from any device without any setup required, just a reasonably updated browser. You can connect to your Ra ERP application via your mobile, tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer running any OS (Windows, Mac/iOs , Linux and sibilings). But not just that, our app will scale beautifully and adjust its look to perfectly fits your screen size.


Tailored to serve and fit your needs.

With more then a decade experience in ERP application, we created our own framework that enable us to tailor and customize the ERP in any way , efficiently and effectively. You can choose from our pre-configured packages, customize your choice or build a your modules.


Tight, multi-level security.
Security is a complicated issue with many levels. We work real hard to deliver the maximum security.
  • Data security : Your data is secure against sabotaging and/or tampering. Besides the different logs RA ERP offers and the capabilities to revert to a specific change, and delete recovery; Your whole database is automatically backed-up every day, and your whole server is backed-up every period.
    Also we periodically upgrade our ERP and your server to latest technology stable edition for better performance and security.
  • Connection security : Your connection to the data is secured via https. Secure http (https) encrypt data transferred between you and Ra ERP app preventing middle man attacks or packet sniffing.


Stay informed. Be in control.

Ra ERP Provides many logs on many different level; It provides

  1. General changelog A log showing every action made on the app (add/edit/delete)
  2. Record History Shows action performed on every record (When and Who created/changed the record).
  3. Record History detail For every update we can revert to this reversion
  4. Deleted Records Log Showing deleted records with thr ability to recover them.


Customizable and Integrated.


Main drive of any business. Its where you identify your store, products, clients, suppliers ; Perform purchase and sales.


Contains main cash objects like Treasuries, Expenses, liabilities etc.


Handle Payment from clients, to Supplier and refunds.

Point Of Sale

Touch Screen, Barcode friendly Sales.


Customizable module that enables you to sell your products and services online easily.

Digital Archive

Archive Digital photo or file (like pdf) and link it to any object or transation in the rest of the system


Manage Employee time-table, bonuses, cuts , long and short term loans and salaries.


Enable charging client for services and -integrated with Cash module- can compute each service profitability.


Handles raw material, in-process items, cost of production by product, customized to handle every case cycle of production..

Cost Centers

Handles related companies or your company subdivision or department, allowing you to monitor and extract information related to each section independently or grouped.


Having different companies? No problem!
You can manage them via the same application using our multi-DB module.