Web Apps vs Desktop App as a Management Software

Desktop applications are those which require that you install them on your computer.They usually work for Windows, Mac or Linux/ Unix systems. Rarely you can find a reliable software that can run on all of the three, and those who do are quite expensive (due to the simple fact that there is more than one team of developers for each system).

Web Application are those which you can access from your browser, such as your email, social network platform, or even that game you play with your friends on Facebook. These apps don’t require anything from you; you can start using them on your Android, IPad or your normal PC.

Historically, management softwares were mainly developed as a desktop application. But as internet evelovs in technology, speed and security, more management softwares are now being built as web applications.

Web applications are way more powerful than desktop apps, however, it’s more challenging to create a web application than to create a desktop one. Basically a web app require the mastery of different set of technologies compared to two technologies for desktop.